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Our philosophy is that the public sector, due to its unique and varied services, has complex requirements and need professional services that understand this uniqueness. The biggest changes for the public sector are still to come. The public is more demanding and want to ensure that they are receiving the absolute best value for money. The level of accountability and transparency in publicly funded entities must increase and its staff must exude integrity and professionalism. The only way that these changes will be successful is with leaders who believe that it is their responsibility to deliver the best possible professional services, to find new, innovative ways to meet the ever-changing demands. The only way to measure success is with relevant, reliable management information and move towards results based management.
This is where WSCS Consulting Inc and its professionals come in. Our approach assists public and private sector organizations to focus on results and accountability to provide the best possible information for management and the Board of Directors (Councillors, Ministers) to enable informed decision-making. We believe this has to come from every public sector employee working in teams towards common goals where everyone can contribute toward the organization’s vision and mission. In order to enable this, WSCS can assist organizations modernize their management and comptrollership practices by providing innovative approaches to meet the varying demands and legislative requirements faced by governments today.
By providing practical guidance in the planning, development and implementation of an integrated management improvement action plan, that incorporates integrated financial and non-financial performance information, a sound approach to risk management, appropriate control systems and a shared set of values and ethics.  WSCS promotes working smarter for better results: better informed decisions, better public policies and better service delivery.  We believe that effective stewardship of resources of all types throughout government and about giving greater attention to results for taxpayers. WSCS Consulting Inc. can assist your organization to develop your vision, help you implement your mission and provide value to your taxpayers through professional advice and innovative ideas.
“We see technology as providing synergy between creative ideas and reality. It is the catalyst for change and fuels the mind to think bigger, better and beyond what has been done in the past to what is possible.  Technology allows organizations to move away from concentrating on inputs to focusing on outcomes. This is what is expected by taxpayers.”  -Tammy Carruthers




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